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We know that there are a lot of questions when buying logo products or creating an online store for your organization. Browse the topics below, and if you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us. Our customer service team is available Monday-Friday, 8:00AM-5:00PM (Pacific Time).

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How much does a store cost?

We set up and manage your store for free! You will get our full product line including hundreds of name brand products, and we offer dozens of free logos that we automatically load on your store. We do charge for some of our optional services. Here are some examples:

  • Adding your custom logos
  • Adding your products or online transactions

Do we have to sign a contract?

There is no exclusive contract, commitment or obligation when creating a Fieldhouse store. It's a risk-free process! You will only need to agree to our Client Services Terms & Conditions.

Who manages my store?

Fieldhouse manages every aspect of your store. We will manage your product line, your logo options, and your customers. Your primary and indispensible role is to promote your store!

Who fulfills the orders?

When customers purchase from your store, the order is custom-made by Fieldhouse and shipped to the customer. Fieldhouse has fulfillment centers around the country that produce and ship the items.

Who handles returns and exchanges?

The Fieldhouse customer service team will handle any customer service needs including returns and exchanges. We stand by our Customer Satisfaction Pledge for all retail orders because we want your customers to be not only pleased with their products but also delighted with our services! Your customers can even return or exchange an item that has been personalized.

How long does it take to create a store?

Your store will be online and ready to take orders one business day after you complete and confirm your application.
If you want to add your custom logos see the "How do custom logos work" section below. Custom logos will be available on your store in about two weeks.
Adding your custom products for online payments will take about one week. (Example, tickets, registrations, donations)

What products do we get?

When you sign up you will automatically receive all available products based on products available for your region. We are constantly maintaining the product line, which includes several hundred brand-name products including: NIKE, Adidas, Champion, Columbia, American Apparel, Hanes, Gildan, Precious Cargo, Ogio, Richardson and more.

How much do products cost?

Products have a base price that is set by Fieldhouse. If you want to, you can add a fundraising markup on top of the base price.
View sample commissions.
View products with zero fundraising markup in our demo store.

How many logo designs do we get?

We will activate your store with hundreds of free, standard designs, branded to your organization. We are constantly adding and removing designs to keep the options fresh. You can also customize your store and add as many custom logos as you want.

How do the free standard logos work?

Your store is activated with numerous free, standard logos that are branded to your organization. You have several options for making edits to these logos. The standard logos are not unique to your store, so there are some limitations on the changes that can be made.

Logo groups

When we activate your store we will select several groupings of logos for your store based on your organization type (Example: Basic, Baseball and Softball). You can request to add any design group, remove any design group, or remove all of the design groups and only keep your custom logos. You cannot remove individual standard logos from your store.

Logo text

When we activate your store, we designate three text elements for your standard logo designs (Example: Text 1= UHS, Text 2= Hounds, Text 3= Athletics). The text is added to each design depending on how the design is configured. You can change your store's text elements any time, and any logo design that uses those text elements will automatically be updated. You cannot change a text element on a single logo.

Logo colors

We will use the colors that you selected when you signed up as options for your standard logo colors. Each standard logo will have one to three colors in the design. Your customers will be able to select from all of your logo colors when configuring their logo.
Example standard logo

How do custom logos work?

View logo setup prices and instructions
You can add as many custom logos to your store as you want. For each logo, we will create a dark version which will be available on light colored products, and a light version for dark colored products. We have a starter package available, or you can add logos a-la-carte.

Who can create a store for a school?

We recognize that each school is unique, so we work with many different individuals or entities within a school organization. Some examples are: principals, administrators, teachers, student leaders, booster clubs, PTO/PTA organizations, DECA clubs, athletic directors, coaches, and more.
By signing up for a school store, you acknowledge that you have authority to do so, and that you will take responsibility for the store. Commission checks must be made payable directly to the school or to a school organization, and must be mailed to a public address.
If you believe that your store was created by someone that does not have the authority to do so, you can submit a request to remove their access to the store. The request must be submitted in writing on school letterhead, or emailed from the school's domain.

Can I create a store for my team, small business, camp, etc.?

Of course! You can create a store for any organization. We've created stores for not-for-profits, teams, family and class reunions, small businesses, camps, churches, cities, and more!

What should we do after we sign up?

We will contact you when we have activated your store. Once your store is online, you can work with a Fieldhouse representative to create links to your store, add logos, add your custom products for online payments or make other changes.
Creating a promotional campaign is a critical part of your store's success. At a minimum, we strongly advise that you include the following in your promotional plan. The Fieldhouse team is here to help you. Let's us know how we can assist you!

  • Place an easily-visible advertising banner on your organization's website (we'll provide the ad for free!)
  • Hand out flyers to your supporters (we'll provide the artwork for free!)
  • Put up posters in your building (we'll provide the artwork for free!)
  • Send regular emails to all of your supporters

Can Fieldhoues help us promote the store?

Absolutely. Your active and persistent participation in the promotion of your store is a prerequisite for getting its visibility and success. We are happy to provide web banners and artwork for flyers or newsletter ads for free. Contact a Fieldhouse representative to get started.

How do we create links to our new store?

Linking to your store is a very important step to increasing traffic, and we are happy to provide artwork for an attractive banner ad on your website. Just like real estate, the most important thing is location, location, location. Small link ads at the bottom of your website are not likely to get noticed.
After your store has been activated, you will receive the URL link to your store's web page. You will need to contact the person that manages your organization's website, and ask them to add the link.
If you need assistance creating a link to your store, please feel free to contact us.

How do we add our logos?

View logo setup prices and instructions
Get started by emailing your logo artwork to us. An account representative will review your artwork and provide a quote for the setup fee.

Can we use a logo from another organization?

You must have full permission to use and/or profit from the sale of any logo that you add to your store.
When you submit logo artwork to Fieldhouse you are stating that you have permission to use it, and you are fully responsible and liable for any trademark or copyright infringements. If there is any question as to the validity or legality of your logo artwork, or if another party claims legal right to your logo artwork, Fieldhouse reserves the right to immediately remove your store and/or logos from our website until the issue is resolved. Artwork with known trademarks must be submitted along with proof of license rights.

Why can't I upload our logo?

We require you to send your artwork to us so that we can convert it to a file that can be used by our production equipment. Unlike other online apparel companies, we create the production files before we put the logos on your store to ensure that the artwork you provided will meet our quality standards!

How can we edit our store?

You can work with a Fieldhouse representative if you would like to make changes to your store. We want you and your customers to be excited about your store!

These things can be changed any time for free:

  • Your store banner (Your store name at the top of your store)
  • Your fundraising markup percentage
  • Your store website colors (Background color, menu text color)
  • Primary product color options (Example: Add all available blue items)
  • Text options on our free standard logos (See "How do the free standard logos work" above)
  • Remove our free standard logos (See "How do the free standard logos work" above)

There is a fee to change these things:

  • Edits to custom logos
  • Adding your own products

These things cannot be changed:

  • The layout of your store
  • The steps of the shopping process
  • The base price of your products

Where can we see sales reporting?

You can click here to go to your administration menu. If you do not have administrative access, please contact us.

Why can't I find my store?

You can find any active Fieldhouse store on our store search page. If you have trouble you can try multiple spellings, and or abbreviations, or just enter the city and state. If you still can't find your store there are several possibilities:

You may not have completed your signup

Your store cannot be activated until you have completed the email confirmation step. To complete this step, submit your store application. We will then send you an email with a link to a confirmation page. Be sure that your email program will allow emails from, and check your spam folder if you have not received the confirmation email within 5 minutes of submitting your application.

We may not have activated your store

We require one business day following your completed confirmation to review your application and activate your store. You will receive a notification email when your store has been activated with links to your store and other information about your store.

Shopping related questions

If you have shopping related questions, please check out our customer help center.

Adding retail products

We welcome your retail product suggestions. We are regularly adding to our product line, and we love to hear what your customers want to buy. Product additions take time and are dependent on approval, and availability for on-demand production.

Adding your transactions

You can add your own online transactions to your store any time. This is great for things like tickets, registrations, excess inventory, etc. When you add your own products, you are responsible to fulfill the orders (when applicable).

How can we improve sales?

Our most successful stores are backed by an organized and persistent marketing campaign that constantly reminds their supporters about their web store. By informing your supporters that sales benefit your organization, you can win over new and repeat customers. Your role in positioning and branding your store is indispensible. While Fieldhouse is ready and willing to assist you with promotion, only your efforts can reach your potential customers.
Creating a promotional campaign is a critical part of your store's success. At a minimum, we strongly advise that you include the following in your promotional plan. The Fieldhouse team is here to help you. Let's us know how we can assist you!

  • Place an easily-visible advertising banner on your organization's website (we'll provide the ad for free!)
  • Hand out flyers to your supporters (we'll provide the artwork for free!)
  • Put up posters in your building (we'll provide the artwork for free!)
  • Send regular emails to all of your supporters

Can we change our fundraising markup?

Yes you can. You can change your markup between zero and twenty percent at any time. To change your markup, submit a request by email to customer service from the email address that we have on your account. Your new commission markup percentage will be applied to all retail sales going forward.
Send a request now.

Can we lower prices on our store?

Fieldhouse sets a standard base price for all products in your store. You have the following options for reducing prices on your store:

  • Lower your fundraising markup: Your markup is added to the base price, so a lower markup means lower prices.

I want access to reports.

If you would like reporting access to your store or to make other changes, contact a Fieldhouse reprsentative. If we already have an administrator for your store, then we will contact them to request permission to provide you with access. If we do not have an administrator for your store, then you must sign up to receive access to reports or make other changes to your store.

Will you ever turn off our store?

We prefer to keep your store online - even if you don't have many orders! However, there are rare circumstances when we may remove your store. You can check our terms and conditions for more details.

I don't work with my organization any more.

If you are no longer the primary contact person for your store, please connect us with the new primary contact person by sending us an email or calling us.

How can I turn off our store?

If you would like to take your store offline you must submit a written request on your organization's letterhead, or send an email from your organization's domain or the account's email address.