Group Sale Discounts give you bulk pricing without the bulk hassle
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Group Discounts On Your Web Store!

In a group sale, you pre-sell logo merchandise on your Fieldhouse store before you buy it! We'll collect orders, sizes, payments and fulfill your group order at the close of your sale, so you get bulk volume discounts without bulk inventory!

We love that on top of our annual group sale, our fans can buy logo wear year round to show their team spirit.

Tracy | Board Member | Bellevue Boys Lacrosse Club

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Why It's Great

Our group buying feature gives you the power to get group discounts on any logo product without the normal hassles of bulk ordering. Group sales are a great way to get bulk quantity prices without having to stock bulk inventory.

How It Works

Contact your account representative to get started!

  1. Choose a product (any product!)
  2. Work with your account representative to establish the minimum sale requirement and selling price
  3. Your sale will be added to your store
  4. Your order will ship at the close of the sale

Common Questions About Group Sales

Do I have to pre-pay for my group sale items?

No. Your customers will purchase the items on your store, and we will handle all payments. Each group sale has a minimum sale requirement which you will set with your account representative. When the sale ends, we will either send you a check for your profits or send you an invoice for the quantity that were not pruchased.

Can my group sale be a fundraiser?

Definitely. When you work with your account representative to set the minimum for your sale you will also set the selling price. Anything above our base price is your commission!

How much is the discount?

That depends. The amount of your discount is based on the quantity that you agree to purchase, the logo decoration, shipping and other details. Discounts start at 15% for 12 items, and go up from there!

How does shipping work?

That's up to you. We can ship the entire order directly to you at the end of the sale and deduct the cost from your fundraising commissions, or we can ship each order directly to your customers. Bulk shipping is cheaper, but drop shipping is easier, so the choice is yours!

How do returns and exchanges work?

We always stand behind our work, so if there is an error on your order we will make it right. Since group sale orders are produced in bulk rather than on-demand, we do not accept returns or exchanges for other reasons. We will provide size charts and as much information about the product as possible to help your cusotmers make an informed decision!